How to plan the ultimate “Friends – Giving”

Planning a friendsgiving party  Whether you’re hosting your get-together or going out of town, it’s a good idea to schedule the event well in advance. If you wait too long, may already have made plans with their families for Thanksgiving. One you have... read more

Do you hate moving day chaos?

Maybe Guardian Storage in beautiful Mount Pleasant can help. Here are five tips to help you make your moving day easier on everyone ( specially you) 1.- DRAW A FLOOR PLAN: You know what will save you time and eliminate confusion on moving day? Try drawing a floor plan... read more

Moving Supplies

A complete line of moving supplies for the do-it-yourself mover in Vancouver, BC. U-Haul moving boxes are specifically designed to make packing and loading easier. We have products to meet all your moving needs. Whether its boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap or any... read more

Truck Rentals

Did you know Guardian Storage is an official U-Haul dealer? Aside from storage & mailbox rentals, we also offer cargo vans, trucks, and dolly rentals. In addition, we carry a wide variety of moving supplies to fit all your moving needs. read more

Safe & Secure

Guardian Storage offers over 300 units of safe & secure storage. From small household items to large personal belongings, we offer lots of variety and options. We also installed 16 security cameras to ensure a safe & secure environment 24/7. read more

How recycle books

Donate books to people all over the world Donate books to your local library or Friends of the Library Group Donate your books to a thrift shop Donate your books to a church Donate your books to another charity Release your books “into the wild” Set up a... read more


Housing market in our city changing for good. Whit affordable living spaces only becoming tighter & smaller, you don’t want to be stepping over or throwing away all those valuable belongings. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to self- storage... read more


Moving? Renting? Running out of options to receive your mail? We got you covered. Guardian Storage offers dozens of secure mailbox spaces that will receive and store all your dedicated mail. We also receive registered mail and parcels on your behalf. Contact Guardian... read more


Summer is finally here! Before you go  and enjoy the deep waters, make sure you have a dedicated space to store your Kayaks after the adventure. We offer custom racks ( dry, safe & secure) for all your kayak needs for only $37.50 per months + gst... read more

Packing Tips

Packing for a move is no fun at all. Wouldn’t be great if you could just wave a wand and it would be done?. Unfortunately, fairy godmother`s and magic won`t get it done for you but Guardian Storage in Mount Pleasant is here to offer you a few handy, dandy... read more