One of the top reasons people need storage space is to help with moving. Self-storage can be a simple solution for some of the common problems you’ll encounter when moving. For example, you’ll likely have plenty of stuff that needs keeping when consolidating homes. Renting storage space gives you a place to store your belongings until you’re all set to move into your new home. A storage unit can be a lifesaver in case of delays; the house might not be ready for you yet, but at least you’ve secured a place to keep your things until it’s time to move in. Protecting your Off-Season Stuff items could be another reason. Some hobbies can be dependent on the season (e.g. skiing, ice-skating, and gardening), which can make storing the necessary equipment a hassle during the off-season. Avoid cluttering your garage or attic with stuff you don’t need throughout the year with self-storage. Self-storage can be a convenient, affordable solution whenever you need to keep your belongings between the seasons. Think of it as a timely answer to the problem of storing seasonal equipment. Storage units are a safe place to put them until the seasons change, and you can use them again