1 Choosing the right storage units size for your commercial items

Determining the right storage space required to store your commercial items like machinery, raw material, finished goods etc. can be difficult. Dont know how much storage space you need? Don’t want to overspend? Have manu commercial items that you need to store? Don’t worry. Save time and effort using our Storage Space Estimation Tools online. You can determine the exact storage space you need for your commercial items without any hassle.

2. Protect Your Products from Harsh Weather

There are some commercial items that must be stored in the right conditions. For example, storage unit that has heated storage is preferred if you will be storing electronics in the space. Cold temperatures can cause the batteries in the units to die, and it can cause ink and other fluids to freeze.

3. Packing consideration for storing commercial products 

The right kind of packing not only helps protect the commercial items stored but also helps identify and prolong their life. Following basic packing tips can help improve your storage experience:

  • Gather packing materials in advance for heavy machinery and fragile commercial items like glass and electronic equipment
  • Use the right packing material depending on your commercial item. For example, bubble-wrap delicate items like electronics and glass before adding it to the storage unit
  • Label your boxes with the type of commercial items stored in it
  • Colour-code the contents to differentiate between the items stored
  • Add warning labels on  the packing. For example, Fragile / Heavy etc

Also, keep an eye on available moving supplies that may be offered at one single location at storage facilities. From storage boxes, bubble wraps, guard kits, tapes, covers etc. Efficient and effective packing can make your move to the storage unit easy, quick and stress-free.

4. Insure your commercial items

Most storage facilities are equipped with strong security, but there are certain things that can’t be accounted for. Things like fres, floods, or other extreme conditions could damage your commercial possessions. Fro these rare instances, self-storage insurance is available.

Since commercial items like heavy or light machinery, electronics and glass can be very expensive, it’s very important that you add storage insurance so you get reimbursed if there is damage. It is often more cost effective to purchase insurance from your storage company

5. Select the right moving company for your comercial goods, machinery,  etc.

With the high prices for commercial goods transfer, ongoing scams, products damages and losses etc. Oftentimes we get worried about hiring a moving company to transfer our items to and from storage units. Always read customer reviews online and get several price quotes from moving companies well in advance before you finalize your decision. This will give you ample time to select the best option and thus save money.