1. Be prepared and ensure you have all the packing equipment you require. You’ll likely need boxes, scissors, a pen, tape, and bubble wrap or paper.
2.If you have lots of textbooks, make sure to pack them flat to avoid damaging their spines. Also avoid filling entire boxes with books, as they could become too heavy spread books across multiple boxes if possible.
4. If you’re packing kitchenware, make sure everything is clean before putting them in your boxes. You don’t want to come back to mold growing on your plates, cutlery or utensils!
5. When filling your boxes, place the delicate items in the middle, and the softest or sturdiest items around the edges- this will give you items even more protection.
6. Don’t leave empty spaces in your boxes either- this cold potentially result in the box being squashed. If you do have some extra space, pad this out with bubble wrap or paper.