1.- Find newer facilities
If you’re trying to find the lowest price, look to rent at newly built or recently opened storage facilities.

2.- Rent during the slow season
In the storage industry, the “slow season” is categorized as the fall and winter months. You’ll likely find better deals and promotions if you’re renting during this time compared to the summer months when every college student and mover is vying for storage space.

3.-Pick amenities wisely
The more amenities your unit has, the higher your monthly rent will be. Climate control alone will raise your rent by 30-50%. Cut down on cost by picking unit that accommodates your exact needs, and nothing more.

4.- Choose the right size unit
The number of culprit of overlaying for storages getting the wrong size storage unit. Make sure you do your research before committing to a unit- ask the facility if you’re unsure. There are also great resources online that can help you figure out what fits into each unit size.

5.- Take advantage of discounts
Many storage facilities offer discounts for military, college students, seniors and organizations. Be sure to take advantage of these deals, you might save 10 percent on monthly rent.

6.-Bundle your services
Sometimes, you can actually save money by using services in a bundle to save time and money. For example, look for facilities that offer storage and moving truck.