Home office are somewhat underrated in terms of being a pain to pack. Not only are there expensive electronics, there are also a lot of important documents that need safely packing. There are also books, decorations and some furniture. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by gathering the right moving supplies and following these tips

1.Organize your documents. Start by making a pile just for documents to shared or recycle. It doesn’t make sense to pack more than you need, so try to thin your document piles as best you can
2. Start packing your remining documents. Try to organize these documents based on a system. For example, keep medical records together, financial paperwork together and so on
3.If you have a file cabinet, be sure the drawers are shut tightly using either the built-in lock, or by wrapping the cabinet in Mover’s Wrap
4.For loose documents and folders, organize into categories and create stacks. Place your stacks in a Medium Box and tape the lids shut with Box/Packaging Tape
5.For electronics- Wi Fi routers, keyboards, computer towers, monitors, paper shredders, etc.- use Enviro Bubble to keep them safe in transit and load these into a Large Box
6.If you have hired movers, designate a a small box for your most sensitive documents and take this with you in the car. This includes both certificates, social security cards and other crucial information.