There are few most people have in their living, including sofas, a television and probably a coffee table. But beyond those, living rooms vary quite a bit. These are some general tips that will accommodate most living rooms.

1.When possible, pack small electronics (gaming consoles, DVRs, cable boxes and stereo)in their original boxes. If you don’t have the original boxes, Bubble wrap can be used to protect these item.

2.Video games, books and movies can be stacked and stored in small boxes.

3.Dissemble any furniture you can for added packing and moving convenience. Wrap with furniture pads for protection and store small pieces in plastic bags taped to the furniture.

4.Use a furniture dolly to move couches, tables, shelves and other large furniture.

5.Roll up your rugs and protect them from dirt and dust using Mover’s Wrap

6.All fragile decorations and pictures frames should be wrapped in packing paper, before being placed in a box.