Fine china requires extra protection, especially during a move. There are some simple things you can do to safely move china, starting with having the right supplies. We recommend a Dish Saving Kit, Cell Kit, Dish Barrel Box and Glass Pack Kit. Those supplies plus these packing techniques will assure your china makes to your new home in one piece

1.Work on a flat, soft surface, like carpet or an area rug. If you have a tile home, lay down some blankets
3.When wrapping glasses, mug and bowls, crumble packing paper and place the crumbled balls inside the hollow areas. Do this before wrapping the outside
2.Place each item in cushion foam pouches. If you’re using packing paper, place items face down and fold the corner of the corners of the sheet over one at time, taping them tightly with tape
4.Use an appropriately-sized box for your collection. If the box is too large, the items are more likely to shift. If it’s too small, you won’t be able to comfortably fit everything. Glass Pack Kits work well for protecting fragile items and minimizing shifting
5.Stack plates face up in the bottom of box. Avoid placing items inside one another and instead, create single layers. Use extra cushion foam between layers for added protection