Packing a bathroom for moving can be tricky because there are a lot of small items, many of which have the potential to spill if they’re not packed correctly. With many different-sized boxes for sale, it is best to choose smaller boxes so that items don’t shift under too much stacking. By effectively using the recommended moving supplies and implementing these tips, your bathrooma can be packed quickly and efficiently

1. Remove the lids from all shampoos, lotions and oil, place a piece of Mover’s Wrap over the opening, then put the lid in place
2.Place all small items-nail clippers, razors, tweezers, etc.-in clear plastic bags. Place the bags in medium or small boxes
3.Roll towels up and place them in a medium box
4. Wrap picture frames and other fragile decorations in packing paper then place them in your boxes. You can use rolled up towels to fill empty spaces and provide cushion
5.Store cleaning supplies in a medium box using a cell kit so nothing topples and spills. Make sure these are sealed tight - use movers wrap if necessary
6.Make a note of any cleaning supplies or liquids that need to remain at room temperature. These my need to be safely discarded before moving
7.Seal all your packed boxes with box packing tape so there are not spills if a box topples in transit