Packing and moving a garage can be a somewhat daunting task, considering this part of the home is often used to store all the extra stuff you may have forgotten about. Luckily, there are ways to minimize clutter and pack your garage neatly. Here’s now:

1.Time permitting, try getting rid of things you don’t need before you start packing. Have a yard sale, donate to a local charity or simply put items on curb with a sign marked “fee”.
2.Keep a large trash receptacle on hand. Use this anything that can be thrown away so it doesn’t end up in your boxes.
3.If you have a tool box, use Mover’s wrap to hold the drawers in place and to secure tools inside. Tools are often too heavy to pack in cardboard boxes, so keep them in the toolbox where possible.
4.Drain you power tools of gasoline before packing them. Any sharp tools, like saws and lawn sheers, should be wrapped in a pad.
5.Small, loose tools and other handheld items should be wrapped in mover’s wrap and placed in their original box if you have it. If not, wrap in pads and pack in small and medium boxes.
6. Anything already in a box- seasonal decorations, old clothing, anything in storage, etc. - should be left in the box and secured with box/packing tape. Don’t create more work for yourself!