Packing your kitchen requires some extra care and kitchen-specific supplies. There’s a lot a pack if you’re counting food, appliances, décor and cutlery, which can feel overwhelming. However, by implementing these tips and using the right supplies, packing your kitchen can be a piece of cake.

1. Stop buying perishable food a week or two prior to moving so you can cut back on wasted food when you pack. Donate unwanted non-perishable and sealed foods to a food bank so you have less to pack

2. Pack extra dishware, cutlery, pots and pans, decorations and anything you won’t need in the days leading up to the move first. Leave only a few cups, plates, bowls, silverware and pots and pans.

3.Pack items from your pantry in a medium box
4.Use glass pack kit for glassware, crystal. Wrap each item in packing paper before placing in the box for added protection
5.Tape to keep boxes closed tightly
6.Use movers wrap to seal all silverware in the flatware organizer. Place this in a box
7.To wrap small kitchen appliances place them in a medium box
8.Wrap large kitchen appliances in future pads and movers wrap for protection against dents and dings
9.If possible, disassemble your dining room furniture for more convenient packing and moving. Wrap the pieces with furniture pads and secure the small pieces in a bag taped to the piece of furniture