You might think that outing all your belongings in a box and then pile it on top of more boxes is the best you can do when leaving your belongings on a storage but here are our top 3 tips to make sure everything is safely stored.

  1. Make an inventory.

As easy as it sounds you will be surprised how fast you can forget where and what you’ve left that important old photo album. Making an inventory will save you the struggle, even better if it categorized.

  1. Protect fragile items in store.

Make sure to use some newspaper, bubble wrap or covers to make sure your items don’t don’t break or accumulate dust.

  1. Use the right packing boxes.

While there are different size, type and colour boxes it is important to use the right box. It could be a stackable box; and extra strong box for your more fragile items or maybe a cardboard box is right for your items. Just make sure to use the right one for you.