It’s important to take the right steps to move out and avoid any future payments or cleaning fees. If you don’t require all the extra room in your storage unit, but still have a need for storage, reach out to your facility manager to consider transferring to a smaller storage unit. This can save you money in the long run, while making sure you don’t have to start the entire process over. If this is your first time moving out of a storage unit, you may have some questions like how much notice does my facility need? or am I responsible for cleaning my storage unit?
The move-out process is easy. Convenient month-to month rentals give you the freedom to move out whenever you need. Just follow these four steps when you’re ready.
1)Pack up all your belongings
2)Clean up your storage space
3)Remove your lock and take it with you
4)Inform the facility that you have vacated.
DO NOT just vacate your storage room without informing staff