Keep things compact
If you are storing furniture or any large items in your storage unit, it’s a good idea to break them down to the smallest size possible. Remove the legs from tables, chairs, couches, disassemble bed frames and any other possible items. For pieces of furniture that don’t break down, make sure to utilize every possible space, including placing items in dresser drawers, on top or below tables, and on bookshelves.

Label everything
Self-storage boxes are useful in helping you pack items for storage. However, make sure you label each box. If you’ll need to access boxes while they’re in storage, make a checklist on the side so you know exactly where things are and you don’t have to unpack everything to find what you need.

Pack items properly
Take the time to properly secure and pack each of your belongings. Place blankets over furniture you don’t want to be scratched, and use the necessary storage supplies to get the job done right. Make sure boxes are not overpacked so that lids lay flat and can easily seal with packing tape.

Choose the right size unit
Rather than spending money on a bigger unit than you need, take inventory of your property and choose the smallest possible unit to fit your needs. When packed property a smallest possible unit to fit your needs. When packed properly, even a small unit can hold quite a few items.

Store items strategically
If you will need access any of your belongigsn during storage, it’s a good idea to store these items close to the front of your unit to avoid unpacking your entire storage unit to find them. Pack these items together and mark them so you know what is there, then make sure these items are the last to be placed in your unit.