With a smaller home, you’ve likely concluded that additional space will be required to keep a number of your belongings that will not fit in your new home. Self storage provides the best solution for these circumstances.

Figuring out what should stay and what should go into storage will hinge on a number of variables: the amount of space you are working with; the type of space that is; and the items you own. Most importantly, of course, you will need to ask what you need, and what you can afford to sacrifice.

A few things need to be in your mind as you make these decisions, and often you will actually need to move into the new space to really get a proper understanding of some of the smaller items that can stay or must go. This is where a self storage unit can come in handy in an additional way: with the added space, you can move in with more ease, unpacking the obvious and necessary items first, while more questionable items can be stored out of the way on the storage unit until you are ready to make decisions on them.