Fragile, valuable, or rare items

Do you have a collection of tiny figurines? Maybe action figures you’ve convinced your significant other will eventually be worth a lot of money? You’ll want to package them safely, wrapping each small item in tissue paper or bubble wrap, then store them in smaller boxes to keep them as safe as possible.

Antique or heirloom furniture

Furniture of any kind should be handled with care, but that especially goes pieces that are irreplaceable: whether they’re one-of -a-kind, or priceless family heirloom. Wrap these pieces well with furniture wrap and make sure anyone helping move them knows how serious you are about avoiding any scratches or dings.

Fragile China

China: most of us have it, but does anyone ever really use it? Prior to placing it in your storage unit, make sure it’s packed properly to avoid any damage- the last thing you want is to finally find an occasion for it and be unable to use it because it’s broken. Use sturdy boxes and wrap each piece with packing paper, storing each vertically rather than horizontally to prevent the weight of the top dishes from cracking or braking dishes on the bottom.