You have a living room, so if you have a rug, coffee table, sofa, chairs, tables and lamps that fit nicely in the space, then those are obviously staying. It’s a situation where, say, the rug from your old living room doesn’t fit the new room that you will need to plan for-perhaps by purchasing a new, smaller rug, while also storing your old one or reselling it. That should still be easy to determine in advance of your move.

Does your new condo building have a storage area itself? This is good thing to utilize for certain items, the type of item that you do not necessarily need inside your home, but you do want at the home, such as bicycles or other often-used recreational equipment. Be warry of these common areas in condo buildings though, as theft is more prevalent here than in a secure self storage facility. Including condo storage in your plan is important for maximizing the use of your space.

The less clutter in your smaller space, the better. Knowing what you can and cannot live whiteout is paramount to any downsizing project, and a self storage unit will allow you to get around having to lose those items that won’t fit but certainly shouldn’t get tossed.

We provide that additional space you have sacrificed in your home to move downtown into a condominium building at a cost that is far more digestible that typical real estate. and keep your items safe behind our state-of -the-art security systems in individual units. Speak with your storage for your life advisor for more information on how to make your downsizing project an easy success.